Our wholly owned subsidiary

– VM Credit Pte Ltd –

a licensed moneylender (Moneylender’s Licence 136/2019) and your trusted partner in offering loans to finance your personal or corporate investment needs.

VM Credit deals transparently in loans, giving you a personalised service that is free of hassle and fuss.

Ease your worries with our quick turnaround time and straightforward process.

We offer the following:

Property Mortgage Loans

Private Financing

Unsecured Personal Loans

Dealership Financing

Why Borrow from Us?

Fast Approval

Apply to us and get your funds approved on the same working day (for personal loans) and within a week (for secured loans).


We provide a flexible loan installment and longer repayment scheme so you can pay within your means.


We offer a fair and transparent process with low interest rates and charges only a one-time processing and administrative fee.